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Patented, thermoplastic technology is behind the success of our signature line of waterproofing and air barrier products. The Poly Wall system of chemically compatible products guarantees seamless protection where below-grade and above-grade materials meet. Our fluid-applied products consistently outperform all other products on the market while providing unprecedented time savings and cost savings.

The best by all perspectives.
Poly Wall offers the barrier systems professionals trust for superior performance, unmatched protection, and ease of use. Take a closer look at the Poly Wall difference:

image - arrow For Architects - Superior Performance
image - arrow For Contractors - Accelerates project completion
image - arrow For Installers - Speed and ease of application

Poly Wall provides seamless protection from the top of the building to the bottom: air barriers, waterproofing, damp proofing, vapor barriers, and specialty products.


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"We've been able to cut 26 days from our building schedule using Poly Wall. In our business, time is money."
Product Installer, Wisconsin

Poly Wall air barriers fulfill government requests for information at the lowest application cost. Call for more information on our Military project experience.

Poly Wall Mold Inhibitor
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